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Cosmetic Surgery

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Rhinoplasty risks

It's usually recommended that activities which could result an injury should be avoided for six weeks. Be patient - clear rhinoplasty results can be seen a week after surgery or even later. So don't start to regret for your choise to do the rhinoplasty operation if the results don't unjustify your expectations.

It is long period of healing - the final results will be seen after the 4-6 months. After the several weeks surgeon will give you recommendations for resuming your normal activities. These suggestions include: avoid sport activities (swimming, playing sport games) also those activities that increases your blood pressure (for eg. Sexual relations) for more than two weeks.

DON'T rub the nose or getting it sunburned (eight weeks). Be careful while washing the face and hair also be gentle using cosmetics. If you have poor eyesight you can wear contact lenses, but glasses are another case. It’s not good to wear glasses when the splint is off. It is possible only then your nose will completely heal.

Your surgeon will give you frequent visits during several months after nose surgery. It's necessary for checking on the progress of your healing. If you have any unusual symptoms or any questions, don't be afraid to call your doctor for the consultation.

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