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Cosmetic Surgery

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Risks Associated With Brow Lift Surgery

As with any surgery, infection and bleeding are possible. Infection is treated with prescribed antibiotics.

When performed by a board certified and/or qualified surgeon who is trained in these special techniques, complications from forehead lift surgery are relatively rare and minor. In some cases, a broad scar may form after surgery and additional surgery may correct the problem. Rarely, the surgical process may result in nerve damage which causes loss of eyebrow control and forehead movement. Additional surgery may also correct this problem. Incisions cut through the hairline could also result in hair loss along the scar.

Patients with Endotine™ implants in their foreheads are at risk of moving their tissues, which are still newly adjusted, with relatively tiny motions immediately following forehead lift surgery and before healing is fully completed. Thick forehead flesh and heavy brows, which are most commonly found in overweight males, are not fully supported by the Endotine™-even though the implant is absorbed into the body.

As mentioned earlier, if a complication should occur during an endoscopic forehead lift, your surgeon may have to use the conventional, open procedure, which will result in a more extensive scar and a longer recovery period. Such complications are estimated at less than 1 percent of all endoscopy procedures.

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