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Cosmetic Surgery

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Risks - Gastric Bypass Surgery

There is approximately a 2% mortality rate which exceeds other surgical procedures. Standard surgical risks include infections, breakdown of staples leading to leakage, opening of the wound, ulcers, clotting in the veins and heart problems. These and other complications occur in about 10% of patients.

The eating process will also be greatly affected. Patients will need to eat smaller meals throughout the day (8-10) and will not be able to drink liquids while eating, since the pouch won't be able to hold both food and liquid. Patients will usually be advised to eat proteins at first, since protein is the most important nutrient.

Other risks include; the pouch stretching over time to its original size, disintegrations of the pouch band, staple disintegration, leaking of stomach acid to the other organs, stomach contents moving too rapidly causing weakness, nausea, flatulence and diarrhea. Nutritional issues can also lead to other health problems.

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