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Cosmetic Surgery

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Special Considerations in Male Plastic Surgery

Male plastic surgery differs in some ways from female plastic surgery due to anatomical differences between men and women. For example, while male nose surgery and female nose surgery may seem similar, anatomical and psychological differences between the sexes do play a role in the recovery process. Men's muscles tend to be thicker, their skin texture is coarser and their facial structure is different than that of women. The precise areas where a man is injected with soft tissue fillers differs from those where a female is injected, as men and women show the signs of facial aging differently.

Hairstyle and makeup can cover a lot for women, but men have more limitations. As a result, men can't cover facial scars as well as women. Men may be more concerned about privacy than women, and they may be more worried about taking time off from work or their job search. Men also bleed more than women, and this increases the risk of excessive bleeding or a hematoma (blood pooling that may clot outside a blood vessel). These gender differences may alter the procedure choice or the extent of the procedure.

For example, neck lifts are becoming more popular for men interested in removing the "turkey waddle." A man's beard length and sideburns may affect incision placement. Also, the muscles in the neck are thicker in men than they are in women. This does not necessarily present a problem, but it may change the extent of the procedure.

Some of the differences are positive in terms of healing. The skin texture of a man's chin and neck is coarser than that of a woman, potentially disguising the appearance of scars. The beard and sideburns can also hide scars.

With hair transplantation, the location of a man's hairline may necessitate additional medical procedures such as scalp flap to bring hair to the areas where it is lacking.

The surface layer of the skin must be treated differently in men, which affects their chemical peel and microdermabrasion treatments. For example, men cannot shave for up to three weeks after a chemical peel. The skin may appear to have a red tint for several weeks, which can be hidden with a beard.

Male liposuction is often performed on men to remove love handles or reduce breast size due to gynecomastia. Results for men with general liposuction are usually strong because they tend to have greater skin elasticity than women.

Tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is less common among males. Male tummy tuck surgery is most typical excessive abdominal weight loss following weight loss surgery such as gastric bypass or Lap-Band.

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