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Cosmetic Surgery

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Tips on Breast Reduction

If your insurance company does not cover this operation, do not despair. You may always choose to have it performed as a fee-for-service procedure (meaning that you pay out of pocket). It is ironically around the same cost as having a breast augmentation - although women having breast augmentations and women having breasts reductions are two groups of women who may never understand one another.

Wait until you are finished child-bearing before having a breast reduction if possible. Although this is not mandatory, pregnancy may cause breast enlargement or droop, which may in turn send you back to your plastic surgeon for another procedure. If you are able to wait until you are finished having children, you may be able to avoid this. On the other hand, young women with symptomatic macromastia who do not intend o have children for several years may appropriately choose to proceed with a breast reduction at a young age, as deferring it can take a different toll. So, in general, Dr. Loftus recommends that if you are planning to have children within a few years, hold off on the breast reduction until you are finished. If child-bearing is finished or a long ways off, then do proceed with a breast reduction.

Ask your plastic surgeon to use long-lasting local anesthetic at the time of your operation to reduce your post-operative discomfort.

Ask your plastic surgeon if he/she can use absorbable sutures so that they don ot require removal.

Macromastia is the medical term for symptomatic large breasts. Reduction Mammaplasty is the medical term for breast reduction.

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