Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery

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Tissue Expansion Risks and Complications

Risks and complications include:

  • infection
  • unfavorable scarring and/or skin discoloration
  • excessive bleeding or hematoma
  • skin or fat necrosis (tissue death)
  • poor wound healing or wound separation
  • blood clots
  • anesthesia risks
  • deep vein thrombosis
  • cardiac and pulmonary complications
  • persistent edema (swelling) or fluid accumulation
  • persistent pain
  • temporary or permanent change/loss of skin sensation
  • unsatisfactory aesthetic results requiring revisional surgery
  • breakage or leaking of the expander

Call your surgeon immediately if have chest pain, shortness of breath, unusual heartbeats, or excessive bleeding.

This information provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. For medical questions, Consult a physician.

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