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Cosmetic Surgery

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Types of Forehead Lift Procedures

Types of Forehead Lift Procedures:

Multiple surgical approaches can be utilized in forehead lift procedures. They include:

Direct Brow Lift: This procedure begins with removing a half-moon shape of skin and muscle, above the eyebrows. Neither lines nor wrinkles are addressed in the direct brow lift, which means scars will be apparent. This procedure caters to much older patients or men who have thick, unruly eyebrow hair and, potentially, male pattern baldness.

Mid-forehead Lift: This procedure is for patients over 65, with very deep forehead wrinkles and heavy, sagging eyebrows. Excess fat, muscle and skin tissue are removed during the procedure.

Coronal Forehead Lift: Started with an ear to ear cut that runs across the top of the scalp, the entire brow and forehead are elevated.

Endoscopic Forehead Lift: One of the most current techniques, this forehead lift requires a surgical telescope in order to raise the brow. Forehead wrinkles are smoothed out by small incisions which are made beneath the hairline.

Endotine ™ Brow Lift: is a recent alternative to a traditional forehead lift. Unlike traditional brow lifts, the Endotine™ Brow Lift only requires a single incision along the upper eyelid of each eye. A forehead implant is then secured and the incision is finely sutured.

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