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Cosmetic Surgery

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Varicose Vein Surgery

Most cases of spider veins only involve small vessels. Some people however, have larger lumpy blue vessels that protrude from the sides and backs of the legs. These more complex and severe problematic vessels may not respond to laser treatment or sclerosing therapy.

If the varicose veins are causing excessive discomfort or even pain, ligation and stripping by a certified plastic surgeon may be an answer. In this procedure, a small incision will be made at the top and the bottom of the troublesome vein. The vein will be tied off at the top and pulled from the body through the bottom incision.

This type of vein removal is only used for severe cases of spiderveins and varicose veins and you should know that it is a major surgical procedure that will require anesthesia. Though it is very effective, recovery from vein removal surgery will take several months to be complete and you will need to be off of work for several days immediately following the surgery.

Whether you have just a few irritating spiderveins or some larger varicose veins, rest assured. There is a spider vein removal procedure that will work for you and will allow you to stop hiding your legs. Just think….a short skirt or bathing suit without leg make-up and no one staring at you!

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