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Cosmetic Surgery

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What to Expect After Necklift Surgery?

Note:  These are general guidelines. Please ask your doctor to fully explain what your expectations should be post surgery.

  1. Even though most patients experience very little pain after surgery, the surgeon will still prescribe medication.
  2. Some degree of swelling and bruising is unavoidable, and your surgeon may instruct you to use cold compresses to keep swelling to a minimum.
  3. If a dressing has been applied, it will be removed within one to two days.
  4. The surgeon will also instruct you to keep your head elevated when lying down, to avoid as much activity as possible, and to report any undue discomfort. Though there are few risks in necklift surgery and thousands are performed every year, some risk exists in any surgery.
  5. In some cases, a drainage tube may have been inserted during surgery. This will be removed on the first or second day after surgery.
  6. All sutures and staples are usually removed within five to 10 days following surgery. Surgeons generally recommend that patients avoid vigorous activity.
  7. Patients should prearrange for post-surgery support from family and friends.

This information provided for educational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. For medical questions, Consult a physician.

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