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UAV Forecast

The UAV Forecast provides meticulous wind and weather info to guide you decide if it’s safe to fly. Instruct the app the specifications of your drone, it can then instantly demonstrate whether or not today is the day to fly. A set of piloting info is served, such as cloud cover, clarity, wind speed and direction, wind chill and temperature, and more. The UAV Forecast also gives you mapping with visible no-fly zones.


Kittyhawk Drone Operations is a relible app and platform, covering everything from pre-flight checks to post-flight analysis. Kittyhawk unifies the mission, aircraft, and data to empower effective drone operations. The Flight Deck platform seeks to lighten the load on commercial drone pilots by bringing in-flight controls and functions alongside Kittyhawk’s existing operations capabilities.


Hover provides mapping and location awareness info and weather info. Hover can inform you if it is safe to fly. Taking visibility, wind, location and more into deliberation, Hover may is certainly a solid choice. Get Hover for your mobile device right now.


The DroneDeploy app informs avant-garde aviation plan and autonomous control for your drone. Pick a route of coordinates and watch your drone fly the pathway, have the DroneDeploy app control camera exposure during flying and much, much more.


The FAA enforces drone laws in the United States, B4UFly app tells you where and when you may fly. You need to know that B4UFly is a little bit dictatorial sometimes, informing you that you can’t fly in some locations that you can. The B4UFly app gives one of the most comprehensive airport listings around, showing the five-mile radius of each. The B4UFly app is how you go to the source for jridicial info on drone flight in the States.

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Airmap is one of those app tools that does more than just map a prospective flight location or aids you keep a record of your drone flight. With backing by companies like Microsoft and Qualcomm, Airmap is very quickly becoming the effective tool for business drone flight. Don’t let their drone mapping, geo-fencing and flight logging commercial tools scare you off, utilizing the real-time travel alarms in their mobile app is value enough. Check out Airmap for your basic whishes, or for your piloting business.

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