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Skeye Nano Drone - Review

The drone is a lot of fun and well constructed. I have flown it into walls, ceiling, and a carpeted floor. It has survived all of that with no damage. I have flown some of the gyroscopic helicopters in the past and this is definitely a step up with regards to needed skill. Even on the beginner setting it has been tough for me. That said, I have gotten better control on each flight.

There are a couple small details that missing from the manual that may help lessen the learning curve. There are 2 sets of different colored led lights to indicate the front and back of the drone. It would be nice to know right from the start which is color is front and which color is rear. Otherwise the first time you try to fly it forward you aren't quite sure which direction it will fly.

Overall, I highly recommend this drone and it is a lot of fun to fly. I expect it will get to be more fun as my skills improve.

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