Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Appeal Collection Letter

If the customer fails to respond to any of the Reminder Collection Letters or to the Inquiry Collection Letters, you must take a more aggressive approach. Because the customer has not responded to date, you should assume that he/she will probably not respond to any further demands for payment. This is why many organizations at this point turn their debtors over to a collection agency. If you do choose to continue the collection process yourself, there are two basic approaches you can take:

- Positive appeal approach: Try to appeal to the customer's sense of fairness, personal pride, or his/her desire to maintain a good credit standing and its connected privileges.

- Negative appeal approach: If the positive approach is ignored, inform the customer that continued nonpayment could result in various penalties:

...... the loss of his/her good credit standing and its connected privileges

......the initiation of legal action to reclaim any purchased goods; any services will be discontinued

......he/she may incur additional debt through collection fees and/or interest on the amount owed

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