Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Ultimatum Collection Letter

If the customer does not answer any of your collection letters, you can give him/her a final chance to pay. The Ultimatum Collection Letter needs to state the specific action you will take if the customer does not send payment by a certain date. Your statements should be fair, reasonable, and logical. In your last letter:

- First review the history of the account: what the customer purchased, your repeated efforts to collect, etc.

- Give a deadline for payment or for the customer to commit to a repayment agreement--otherwise you will take legal action to reclaim the purchased goods and/or turn the account over to a collection agency.

- Be careful not to use name-calling or to make accusations, which are both illegal. Always be careful with what you put in print! Simply state the facts and why his/her inaction is causing you to take action.

If the Ultimatum Collection Letter fails to bring results, be sure to follow through with your stated action.

Note: Debt collection is not an enjoyable pastime, but if you follow these logical steps in preparing your collection letters, you will succeed in collecting payment on many of your delinquent accounts.

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