Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Letter Of application

27 University Avenue
Brooklyn NY 11288

April 11, 2003    
Ms. Mary Jones
Director of Campus Relations
XYZ Corporation
54 West Third Street
Albany, NY 10056

Dear Ms. Jones:

I am interested in applying for the sales representative position recently advertised in The New York Times. The skills I have developed from my work experience and academic background support my candidacy for the announced position.

As you can see from my resume, the internship I had with ABC Corporation provided an opportunity for me to gain practical experience with account maintenance and cold-calling new accounts. In addition, I have worked as a waiter for the past four years, learning firsthand how to effectively deal with customers and their demands. I have been formally commended by management several times, being named "Employee of the Month."

I would very much like an opportunity to discuss your specific needs any my overall abilities regarding the announced position. You can reach me at (718)123-4567. Thank you for considering me for this position.

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John K. Alberts    

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