Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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What is a resume?

It is a brief history of your accomplishments that you prepare for potential employers.
It should be:

It presents the facts in a clear, easy-to read style.  

Well organized
The reader can see your strong points at a glance.  

Action verbs make your past and present come alive  

Its appearance says, "I am proud of who I am and what I have done".  

Grammatically Correct
Explain in full terms the details of your employment experience.  

Show Case Work-Related Experience
Important to show employers that you have the appropriate skills that apply to the position offered.  

Your resume should be designed with one thing in mind to get you job interviews.  

A good resume can open doors. Your resume introduces you and makes your sales pitch to potential employers. It tells them that you are a first rate candidate and that you deserve an interview; a chance to describe in person what you can contribute to their organization.

Once the door is open, your resume serves as a guide for you and the interviewer while discussing your background. It also serves as a reminder to the interviewer about who you are after the interview is over.

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