Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Cover Letter Points to Consider

- State the date and your name and address at the top of the letter.

- Below your name and address, write the name and address of the person to whom you're writing. Always address the letter to a specific person by name and title. Even if responding to a job that states "no phone calls," consider calling to politely ask the name of the hiring authority. You may not always be able to identify the name of a specific person. In this case, send the letter to the title of the recipient (Production Manager, Maintenance Supervisor, Office Manager, Human Resources or Search Committee). Don't use "To Whom It May Concern."

- State your interest in the job for which you're applying.

- Mention your skills, education, special training and work experience that qualify you for the job.

- Provide a phone number and a time you will be available so the employer can reach you.

- Thank the person for taking the time to read your letter.

- Use the appropriate closing, such as "Sincerely."

- Ask someone to proofread your letter to check content, grammar and spelling.

- State that you'll call the employer to follow-up.

- Sign the letter in blue ink. It implies the letter is original and may get more attention. The only other ink color to use is black. Never use any other color on the cover letter.

- Structure the letter to reflect your individuality, but avoid appearing too familiar, overbearing, humorous or cute. Keep sentences short and to the point.

- Keep it brief, usually no more than one page with three to five paragraphs.

- Use the same paper stock for both your cover letter and resume.

- Avoid starting sentences with the same word such as "I."

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