Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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General Resume Do's and Don'ts


Lead with your strongest statements that are related to the job or goal.

Emphasize your skills.

Keep it brief (1-2 pages).

Use 8 1/2" x 11" paper.

Correct all typographical, grammatical and spelling errors.

Include your employment-related accomplishments.

Target your qualifications.

Clearly communicate your purpose and value to employers.

Maintain eye-appealing visual appearance.

Use the best format to showcase your skills.

Appear neat, well-organized and professional.

Be creative and make your resume relevant to the job.

Always include a cover letter when mailing your resume.

To enhance your qualifications, use measurable outcomes, values and percentages.


Don't use abbreviations (exceptions include middle initial and directions such as N for North).

Don't use personal pronouns such as "I" to refer to yourself.

Don't mention salary expectations or wage history.

Don't print on a dot matrix printer.

Don't use fancy typeset, binders or exotic paper.

Don't send a photograph of yourself.

Don't make statements that you cannot prove.

Don't include personal information (age, height, weight, family status, picture, religious or political affiliation) unless you're applying for a job with one of these organizations.

Don't change the tense of verbs or use the passive voice.

Don't use the title "resume."

Don't include references on the resume. (Make a separate reference sheet.)

Don't include hobbies or social interests unless they contribute to your objective.

Don't staple or fold your resume.

Don't use repetitious statements.

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