Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Enquiries about study facilities - Applications

1. I wish to study... in Britain and should be grateful if you would be kind enough to give me some information about the universities/colleges there.

2. I should like to come to... for the purpose of learning... and should greatly appreciate any advice you can give me on suitable schools/training facilities there.

3. I should be very grateful for information about entry to your school. I have finished my school studies here and have passed the... examination. I have a good/ fair knowledge of the... language and obtained the... Certificate/Diploma.

4. I should like to apply for the scholarship advertised in... and I should be glad to receive an application form for which I enclose a stamped addressed envelope/ International Reply Coupon.

5. I should be very grateful if you would let me have details of any scholarships in... that your country may be offering to foreign students.

6. I should like to apply for membership of your club/organization/library and should be glad if you would let me know the conditions.

7. Thank you very much for the information you sent me about your school/club. I am returning the application form duly completed together with copies of my certificates/testimonials.

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