Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Negotaition Job Offer: Request for Higher Salary

{Date, ex. Friday, Mar 03, 2007}

{Name, Company & Address, ex.
Mark Myer
5678 3rd St.
Suite 678
AAA city, BBB state 85245}

Dear {NAME, ex. Mark Myer},

I am delighted by your offer to join {FIRM, ex. XYZ Inc}. I find the position and job duties to be challenging, yet tailored to my abilities.

As you know, I am certain I can favorably affect your firm's bottom line.

For this reason, I am confident that we can orchestrate a mutually-beneficial and prosperous arrangement. Having learned a great deal more about {FIRM, ABCD Inc.} during our interview, I have a clear vision as to where I will fit into and how I can contribute to the firm's future profits. Since I believe firmly in my abilities as they apply to this position at your firm, I humbly request that we renegotiate the remuneration.

{STATE YOUR REQUEST, ex. I will be pleased to accept an offer which includes a 5% share of the sales of my division.} I trust this to be reasonable, and am confident you will be pleased with my results accordingly. Allow me to call you on {DATE, ex. Thursday} to discuss this.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


{Your name}

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