Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Customer service agent resume

Michael Kamen

14 Palmer Terrace

Los Angeles, CA 90051            

(319) 555-8210




      Position as a Customer Service Manager.




8 years of customer service

Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with an eye for detail

Extremely productive in a high volume, high stress, environment

Proficient in the use of IBM clone and Mac desktops

Highly productive in the use of Office 2000 Professional

Self starter with a can do attitude


Employment History

1998 - Present     City Financial, Los Angeles, CA    

Customer Service Manager  

Collaborated with the Product Development department in developing new Fee

Based products and their sales to the unbanked credit card membership base.  

Answered an average of three hundred customer calls in a day through the call

center queue.  Worked as a Senior Representative in the Promise to Pay department

to ensure customers where given assistance in bringing their over limit and/or pass

due account current Performed duties in the Retention department retaining customers

who wanted to cancel their accounts.

1994 - 1998         CitiTrust, Santa Monica, CA

Customer Service Representative

Answered inbound calls in support of customer needs.  Conveyed in a reassuring

manner step by step instructions to resolve application issues.  Reviewed and

issued audits on account information and processes.  Performed queries in multiple

databases.  Adhered to government monetary regulations.  Assisted in the creation

and development of the banks customer relationship management system



      Gonzaga Universeity, Spokane, WA

      B.A., Business & Economics, 1994

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