Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Executive recruiter resume

Jessica Forsythe

902South Antrim Way

Andover, MA 01810

(813) 555 - 8219


Position as Human Resources specialist that will allow me to assist individuals in enhancing their careers and developing their interpersonal skills.  Strong communication and presentation skills.    


     Extensive experience in team building and negotiation.  Able to motivate and move a group toward a consensus.  

     Proficient with Windows 95/98/00/NT, Microsoft FrontPage, Mercury Interactive Test Director, PVCS, Visual Interdev, MS-SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Unix (Solaris)


Nelson Consultants, Boston, MA

Information Technology Recruiter, 1996 - Present

Located qualified candidates for open positions.  Presented job opportunities to qualified IT candidates and negotiated contract terms.  Screened potential consultants through in house interviews.  Performed reference checks, exit interviews and other background verifications for all candidates.  Directed and managed staff of 20 consultanta to ensure their satisfaction.  Developed sales leads from resumes, referrals and references.  Recieved commendation for highest sales/most recruits in 1997 & 2000.  

Johnson Exectutive Group, Boston, MA

Executive Consultant, 1992 - 1996

Designed and directed sales and marketing campaigns for daily operations with Fortune500 Companies.  Conducted research on existing accounts and potential new accounts.  Consulted and advised candidates before, during and after the interview process.  Advised clients of final agreements and job offers.


B.A., Business, 1990

Boston University, Boston, MA

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