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Letter Writing

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Cover Letter Don'ts

There are extensive resources available on how to draft the perfect cover letter, but for many job seekers, the most efficient and cost-effective way is to hire a Certified Professional Resume Writer. You may want to review the services we offer and our credentials.

We would be happy to help you secure that dream position. We write resumes and cover letters for a living: we do it every day, and we do it right. Below we have provided you with a list of what "not to do" when developing a cover letter. This is the basic information.


Write the letter so it looks and sounds generic and canned, like a template in your word processing software.

Focus on you and your goals - use the word "I" and "me" excessively.

Include numerous spelling mistakes, typos, and grammatical errors.

Print your letter using a low quality printer, using inappropriate, cheap stationary.

Submit the letter without a date, company address, or contact name.

Use the salutation "Dear Sir/Madam" if the contact name is unknown.

Forget to sign the document.

Ramble for two pages, when one will do and is standard. Use a boring, generic opening.

Leave out your reasons for wanting the position.

Indicate what your salary is, or what you expect to be paid.

Fail to ask for an interview.

Fail to demonstrate your problem-solving skills by using specific examples.

Fail to show your appreciation and close the letter.

Forget to indicate the value you can offer the company.

Show that you did not do any company research.

Mention your shortcomings or any other negative or controversial topics.

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