Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Request Letter to Reduce Work Hours and Demand Over Time Pay

Dear Sir:

I am writing to formally request that my number of working hours be reduce to 8 hours as specified in our employment contract. I have been performing an excess of 4-5 hours daily after our required work hours (9am-5pm) without over time pay. These excess hours are spent in covering tasks and responsibilities meant for other departments.

As you understand, if I do not do these tasks for the day, the company will be backlogged by orders and shipment delays the following morning.

In line with this, I would like to suggest that the company hire another purchasing assistant to handle the overflow of transactions. I deeply care about the company, and I feel I have done my part in volunteering so much of my personal time in handling our current logistic situation.

I would also like to ask that I be kindly paid in the future for any over time work rendered.

Hoping for your kind consideration.

Thank you very much

Best Regards,
Employee on Overtime

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