Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Hints for Writing A Romantic Letter

Here are some tips for creating the perfect message of love and romance, no matter whether you??re writing it with ink or a keyboard!
Use Drafts

Most people never do this, so it??s a surefire way to immediately set your romantic letter or email a cut above the rest. Reading over your words several times will give you a new perspective on them, even if you only take a few moments to do it. When the emotions are pouring out of you, you??re not necessarily paying attention to the content of what you write?which is as it should be, since this is what will create a passionate letter. But once you??ve written all this out, you might find that your words will ultimately be more powerful with some help from an editing process.

Be Honest

Correspondence between two lovers is intimate, almost as intimate as the time that they actually spend together. A romantic message creates a private mental space where you and your partner share your deepest emotions and, even more than a memory, a physical letter is something he or she can always return to again and again. What will make your letter special and moving is the honesty with which you communicate your emotions. Don??t be afraid to go deep, and to truly capture your partner??s heart by baring your own to them.

Go Highbrow

Smutty letters have their place in a relationship, but you need to decide beforehand whether you want your letter to stir the emotions or the body, and then stick with that plan. The tender buildup of a romantic letter can easily be ruined if racy descriptions suddenly show up out of nowhere. Remember that withholding something creates far more anticipation, desire, and ultimate pleasure than unceremoniously dumping your thoughts out there. Use your romantic letter as an opportunity to hint at the more physical aspects of your relationship, while focusing on the emotional. Be tantalizing?it will drive your lover wild!

Stay Focused

It can be hard to articulate something as deep and meaningful as your emotions of love, but it will serve you in the end to stay on topic in your love letter. Rambling or jumping from one subject to another can make for a letter that comes across as disjointed or distracting. You want your lover to get lost in the letter, to experience the sensations almost as though they are with you. Focus on what you really want to say, and don??t allow random tangents to enter into what you??re writing. Keep in mind what writers of all stripes have known for generations: not every stray thought deserves a mention.

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