Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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I fell in love with you


Before you came into my life, I had given up on ever finding my soul mate; the one person who could set my heart on fire with just one look. I though that was the stuff of silly, dime store romance novels. Was I wrong!!! When you walked into the room that first night, sparks flew. Every time you touched me, brushed up against me, my heart stopped.

I fell in love with you the moment I looked into your eyes, but I was so afraid of letting you in and being hurt again. I??m so glad you didn??t give up. I cannot imagine what my life would be without you. Filling asleep in your arms every night and waking up beside your each morning is how I want to spend the rest of my life. You are my everything?? I love you so much. Every day that goes by, every time we make love, I fall deeper and deeper in love with you. I know there will never be anyone else for me, for everyone would pale in comparison to you and what you make me feel. Thank you, sweetheart, for healing my broken heart. Thank you for making me believes in miracles.

All my love forever,

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