Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Study Abroad Recommendation Letter


I am writing to recommend that _______________ be accepted into your study abroad program. I have had her in three of my history courses over the past two semesters, and have come to respect her as a young scholar and as a person.

________________ has a natural curiosity about the world we live in, as well our past. She is always eager to learn about other cultures and customs, and is respectful of various world views. Many times she has expressed to me an interest in traveling and seeing some of the sites that we've studied in class, and that she's researched on her own. When she told me about the study abroad program, her eagerness and excitement was practically contagious.

______________ scores in the top 10 percent of the class on written tests, but it is her essays where she truly shines. Her insightful take on world history, along with her openness to accept new perspectives, is inspiring.

Such a confident, reflective, energetic young person would be a perfect addition to your program. I hope that she is accepted, but I will certainly miss her refreshing presence in class next term.

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