Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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What your Resume should contain

Your CV should contain the sections described below in the order they are mentioned. If a section is not related to you, don't include it.

Objective Statement

You can give a one or two line statement mentioning your objectives and what you aspire. This will give your reader a general idea of your area of expertise. Put some thought in thinking and writing this objective statement.

Personal Information

This section should contain your name, date of birth, nationality (optional) and contact details (email, phone number and addres).
Your name should stand out. Make it 2 font sizes larger than everything else. For example, if you are using 12 point font size for your resume
(which is prefered) write your name in the 14 point font size. You can also use all uppercase leters and/or bold face type for your name.

Work Experience & Jobs

This section should contain your Work experience, Professional Positions that you have held and any Projects that you have worked on or have been part of. Starting with your present position, list the title of every job you have done, along with the name of the company, the city, and the years you
worked there and your duty. Describe your work experience in short sentences using straight forward, positive language. As well as describing the job, describe what did you contributed in all your previous jobs and point out any general qualities that arose from the work such as ability to manage staf or work to tight deadlines etc.
You can also add any internships that you have done in this section.

Professional Skils

This section should list your professional skills e.g., if you are a programmer, then your IT related skills e.g., in what languages (Visual C,C#, VB etc) you expertise in. Also list your other computer-related expertise.

Educational & Academic Record

This section should contain your education and academic record. Starting from the most recent degree, list brief details of qualifications -Bachelors Degree, HSSC, SSC (or equivalents) - along with marks/grades atained.
You may make diferent categories in it depending on your qualification and degree e.g., you might add a "Courses or Subjects" section, highlighting the main courses and subjects that you have studied.

Distinctions / Awards

This section should contain any distinctions or awards that you have achieved during education or profesional work. You can also mention distinctions achieved in co-curicular activities.

Membership in Professional Asociations

Here you can list your memberships of any professional associations that you have e.g., P.E.C or IEE etc.

Professional Activities & Projects

In this section list all the projects you started, neat things you did, commitee memberships you held (e.g., departmental commitees; they count), in-service training programs you conducted, important guest lectures you presented, etc.

Papers Presented & Publications

Here you can list the papers that you have presented or any publications that you have made as an individual or as being part of a team. You can
also mention the various seminars and conferences you might have attended, but be specific and relevant.

Profesional References

Here you can mention the names and contact details of two or three references who wil speak very highly of you. List and number each referees, give their name, title, and contact. If you have done job somewhere, then one of the referees should be your most recent employer. Graduates and people with limited work experience can nominate college lecturers, teachers or managers during work experience. Be sure to tell your referees in advance, so they will be prepared and ask the person before you include his or her name in your CV as referee, if it is OK to do so.
If you prefer, you can also leave out the names of the referees, instead write something like "References can be provided on request".

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