Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Date: September 30, 2006

From: Meridith Bronson

To: Franco Marconi, Director, Research Programs

Subject: Commendation - Henry Stapleton - Transport
Demand Project

The purpose of this is to officially commend Henry Stapleton for his exceptional contribution throughout his assignment to the Transport Demand Project (TDP).

As you know, Henry has been working on special assignment with the TDP team for the past eight months. Now that he is about to return to your part of the organization I wanted to make sure that he gets some recognition for his significant and exceptional contributions to the project.

As a junior econometrician, Henry's role in the project was pivotal to its timely and successful completion. It was Henry who worked long hours, numerous nights and weekends with his small team of researchers, first specifying, and then testing the thousands of equations that had to be run. The quality of Henry's written work was also exceptional. His regression analysis summaries were always very well written and rarely required revision.

As a colleague and project team member, Henry was also outstanding. His upbeat enthusiasm for the project was infectious, and he seemed to motivate the entire project team. He was very well-liked by all team members, and in effect he became "unofficial" deputy project manager.

In closing, I would like to say that I have worked with many junior economists and econometricians over the years and have never run across one as professional and productive as Henry Stapleton was on the TDP. I believe that the organization as a whole should recognize his exceptional contribution to a major project.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Meredith Bronson
Director, Econometric Research

cc: Henry Stapleton
Personnel file - H. Stapleton

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