Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Letter of Interest

November 18, 2006

Mr. Raymond Fielding
Campus Renaissance Inc.
1850 Highridge Road
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Dear Raymond:

Mitchell-Maxwell and Timberline Properties are pleased to submit herewith our letter of interest to participate in your campus neighborhood redevelopment project.

Since being invited to address this exciting opportunity, our team members have collaborated to produce a preliminary plan that we believe will energize the neighborhood, strengthen the University community, and produce long-term benefits for the entire City of Columbus.

As you know, we are a team of professionals with a proven track record in this region that has the ability to successfully transform our plan into reality. Our team is comprised of members who have worked together on numerous successful projects. They have been assembled for this project because of the enormous trust and confidence thay have in one another. You can be assured that the lead partners in our group will manage the project closely and carefully, and accountability for results will never be delegated.

In the weeks ahead, we look forward to receiving comments from Campus Renaissance and the community at large about our preliminary proposal during the public consultation process. We understand that right now the plan is clearly a 'work in progress' which can only be improved by input from the various stakeholders who care the most about the area in question. We therefore look forward to using their input to develop a comprehensive integrated final development plan.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate.


__________________        ___________________
Mary Louise Lasser               Roy Gooding
Timberline Properties             Mitchell-Maxwell

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