Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Collection Letter

August 16, 2006

Mr. Dylan Macdonald
150 Armstrong Ave.
Georgetown, ON
L7G 5S4

Hand Delivered By Courier

Dear Mr. Macdonald:

Final Notice: Invoice 279-04 - May 10, 2005 - $1,755.68

You have repeatedly ignored our written requests for payment of the above-noted invoice and you have not contacted us with any explanation.

Consequently, unless we receive payment in full by the end of the business day, August 30, 2005 we will have to take the unpleasant step of turning your account over to a professional collection agency. We would rather not be forced do this since it will result in damage to your personal credit rating.

To prevent us from taking the final step of turning this matter over to a collection agency, could you please make payment in full by the end of the business day, Friday August 30, 2005.

We urge you to please give this matter your full attention now, before it's too late, and send your payment to us immediately.


B. R. Egan
Accounts Receivable


cc: M.S. Brandon, Credit Manager

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