Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Eliminate Writer's Block Forever!

Dear {Customer name}:

If you've ever struggled with everyday writing tasks, the INSTANT WRITING HELP KIT! is made for you. Instead of having to go through that painful process of sitting in front of a blank screen with a blank mind (a feeling that most of us know well), we have developed a product that will kick-start the writing process for you.

In day-to-day life most of us are frequently confronted by important "must do" writing tasks that which we'd rather not do. I'm talking about writing normal everyday things like: recommendation letters, resignation letters, letters of complaint, sales and marketing letters, thank you letters, and on and on. Then there are the more complex writing tasks such as: resumes and CVs, cover letters, speeches, application form texts, newsletter articles, etc.

The fact is, most of us aren't writers. We run our lives and businesses, that's what we do first and foremost. Of course, we can always try to farm the job out to someone else, but that is often a problem because these little writing jobs usually require our personal input due to specific knowledge that only we possess. Not only that, but most people will charge us by the hour for each and every writing job. Hiring others can get expensive.

INSTANT WRITING HELP KIT! has been designed to let you do those necessary writing tasks yourself in a matter of a few minutes. It provides you with literally dozens of examples of just about any type of day-to-day correspondence that you can think of. Each sample template is based on a real-life situation that you will identify with, and that you will be able to easily adapt to your own personal situation in a matter of minutes.

Perhaps you need to write a complaint letter to your telephone company. Maybe it's a short speech that you have to give at your sister's wedding. What about updating your resume or CV, and drafting a good cover letter for that job you just saw advertised?

INSTANT WRITING HELP KIT! will be there to make it easy for you. With scores of examples, and templates that you can adapt to your own situation in just a few short minutes.

You Won't Ever Have To Suffer From Writer's Block Again.

INSTANT WRITING HELP KIT! will make your life so much easier. And it's only $29.95 for the complete kit! To order INSTANT WRITING HELP KIT! today, call 1-800-600-6550.

Wishing you much success,

Roberto Cranston
Director, Promotions and Sales

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