Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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for the Scholarship Recommendation


It is my great pleasure to recommend ______________ for the ______________ Scholarship. I am her government affairs teacher at ____________ High School.

I see that the scholarship is intended to go to someone who demonstrates strong leadership skills and an interest in the free enterprise system. ____________ fits these guidelines perfectly.

In her junior year here, ______________ took on the primary responsibility for our school's role in the Enterprising Young People program. She collaborated with business students at ___________ University in tailoring the program to our student population. She is also gifted in recognizing and drawing out the talents of others, and was able to put together and supervise a student committee to review the business plans created by the entrepreneurial students in the Enterprising Young People program. It is rare to meet a high school student who is so mature, organized and results-oriented.

She is already taking college-level courses through the university's College Boost program, both due to her eagerness to learn and to save the expense of earning those units while enrolled full-time.

I know that this scholarship would make quite a difference for her family, as _____________ has two brothers already enrolled in college. Awarding _____________ the _______________ Scholarship will go a long way toward helping her succeed.

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