Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Letter from School Music Director to Parent

You can use this letter during program recruitment to make parents aware of the academic benefits their child can receive through the study of music. In our nationwide experience in music advocacy, we have found that parents respond strongly to activities that have positive benefits for their children. (Note: School districts use many different procedures to enroll students in various music programs. Feel free to edit the last paragraph appropriately.)

Dear Parent,

Learning to play a musical instrument is a rewarding experience for anyone at any age, but music is especially helpful to the development of our children. It develops intellectual skills, builds teamwork and is an activity that can bring joy for a lifetime. It can also help your child be more successful in life.

Statistics indicate that if your child participates in music, he or she is likely to earn higher grades and score better on standardized tests. Now there is powerful evidence of a cause-and-effect link between music instruction and intelligence.

There are dozens of other recent studies that indicate that music-making is a key component of academic and social success. {Name of school or district} provides an opportunity for your child to enjoy the benefits that making-music can bring.

Enclosed is a sign-up form for our school music program. Please discuss its options with your child and return it to school by {date}.

{Your name and title}

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