Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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School Music Director to Parents'Group

If you're the director of a school music program, you know that parental support is the single most important factor for the success of an issue before the school board. Parents want what's good for their children, and we have compelling evidence that music is one of those basic "good things." How well we are able to communicate this to parents will play a large part in our success.

Making a presentation to a parents group will accomplish two things: Inform parents of the results of scientific study and identify strong music advocates among the parents. Those parents who agree most with the research are the most likely candidates to make the presentation before the school board.

Dear {name of parent group president},

There is powerful scientific evidence of a cause-and-effect link between music instruction and student achievement in school and in life.

As music director for {your school or district}, I would like to make a presentation to your group about the nature and details of the most recent research that links music study with increased learning and social capacity. The presentation takes less than 10 minutes and contains information that will be of great interest to all concerned parents of school-age children.

I hope that you can make time in your next meeting agenda for this informative presentation and that we can work together to help our local decision-makers understand the importance of educating the whole child.  Please contact me at {your direct phone number or e-mail address} to discuss when I can present this information to your group.

I thank you for your time and consideration.

{Your name and title}

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