Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Music Dealer to School Music Director

If you're a music dealer, your school music director should be your strongest ally in the local coalition approach to advocacy for music education. Ideally, you and the director will work together to get the presentation on the school board agenda through a local parents' group. (This information is best received when a concerned parents' group makes the case for music education.)

Dear {name of music director},

We at {name of your store} want to work with you to help ensure that quality music education instruction is available to all students in our school district. What's really important is that our local decision-makers understand the full meaning of the growing body of evidence that reveals music's significant impact on student achievement in school and in life.

Our store's trade association, NAMM, the International Music Products Association, has provided us with a SupportMusic Community Action Kit, which contains the ways and means for us to bring this message emphatically before parents, the public and most important, our school board.

The core of the kit is a presentation of some of the strongest research results in this area. This presentation takes less than 10 minutes and can be given to parents' groups and the school board. It uses scientific evidence to build an irrefutable case for school music. It will enlighten and inform key members of the community about the learning benefits of music. The kit also contains brochures, news releases and correspondence that can be customized for our local needs.

Please give me a call at {your phone number} so we can discuss how we can work together to help our local decision-makers understand the importance of music in educating the whole child.

{Your name and title}

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