Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Follow-up Letter Requesting A Presentation To The School Board

Local school boards have their own procedures for putting items on their meeting agendas. The most basic request will begin in the form of a letter. This letter identifies who wishes to make the presentation (ideally, a parents group) and what the general scope of the presentation will be. If each board member has received the "Why Learn to Play Music?" brochure, they will be aware of the issue and some of the research. For further information, see the "Grassroots Advocacy Guide" section Focus on School Leadership.

Dear {name of school board member},

"Musical training is a more potent instrument
than any other for education."
Plato, circa 400 B.C.

The idea that music and the arts are important to educational development is not new, and there is growing scientific evidence that supports this long-held belief. In fact, research now suggests that music is a basic building block of intelligence.
{Name of your group} believes that the results of recent research give us new insight into the value of music and arts education in our schools. As key decision-makers in our district, you and your fellow members of the school board should be aware of this important information.

We would like to make a presentation to the board about the nature and details of the most recent research that links music study to students' growth and achievement in school and in life. The presentation takes less than 10 minutes and contains information that will be of great interest to everyone concerned about our children's future.

We hope that you can make time at an upcoming meeting for this informative presentation, and that we can work together to improve the learning opportunities of all our children. Please let us know when we can schedule the presentation.
Thank you for your time and consideration.

{Your name and title}

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