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Letter Writing

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April 10 20XX

Mr. Robert Crowe
Chairman of the Board
Martin Manufacturing Corporation
8810 Lindberg Blvd.
St. Louis, MO 63146

Dear Mr. Crowe:

Today's economy requires exceptional senior operating and management executives who possess a unique blend of leadership, vision, broad-based experience, and the ability to deliver superior results. I am such a person.

Throughout my career I have utilized my leadership, planning, and managerial skills to consistently increase revenues, reduce costs, and drive customer satisfaction. As my resume demonstrates, I have:

? Turned around Wide View, from a disorganized, severely unprofitable company to a market leader with recurring profits.

? Launched an automatic powder charging system that generated new sales of $300,000 in 1999 and sales of $2,000,000 in 2001.

? Revitalized deficient corporate safety program and gained SHARP (Safety and Health Achievement Recognition Program) certificate from OSHA in 2000.

? Led initiative to focus on customer needs and service which drove sales of high margin after-sales activities from 40% to 50% by expanding after-sales network to cover entire U.S. and by starting a stock program of refurbished equipment that added 10% to revenues and 25% to profits in 1998.

My success is due, in part, to my ability to communicate with others. It has enabled me to harness the potential of all levels of employees and motivate them to achieve superior results. Additionally, it has aided me in the recruitment, mentoring, and retention of exceptional personnel dedicated to excellence.

Since I am currently seeking new challenges as a senior executive I would appreciate the opportunity to discuss your needs and my potential contributions.


John Harris


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