Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Dear _______________:

A high-performing management team is an essential part of your company's continued growth and success. When adding to your team, you need professionals whose experience and record prove they will be successful.

I believe you will agree that my qualifications, highlighted in the enclosed resume, amply demonstrate that I have the drive, track record of results and management experience that can contribute to your company's growth.

Specifically, I would bring to your company:

? Ten years of progressive retail industry background, including store and district management
? Excellent operations experience in P&L, budgeting, loss prevention, customer relations, administration and other related functions
? Strong sales, merchandising, promotion and event coordination qualifications
? Extensive human resources, training and development expertise

Throughout my career, I consistently delivered annual sales growth and managed the largest geographic territory company-wide. Although in recent years my career has been in an administrative capacity, I have always had a passion for retail ? prompting me to resume my career in this industry.

May we meet to discuss the value I would add to your retail management team?


Renee Alexander

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