Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Functional Style 2 Sample Cover Letter

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Dear Nurse Administrator:

As a graduate nurse, I look forward to continuing my nursing career, bringing with me four years of experience as a Licensed Practical Nurse, well-rounded clinical training, and an expected nursing license in July 2004. For your convenience, I have enclosed my resume to provide you with an overview of my experience, training, and credentials.

In my current position as a Licensed Practical Nurse within Long Island Rehabilitation Center, I work closely with a team of medical professionals to provide excellence in nursing care for adult and geriatric patients. As a dedicated nurse and patient advocate, I take a personal and professional interest in educating patients and their families on the disease process, medications, and pain management techniques both during their stay and at the point of discharge planning

Balance work, full time school, and my clinical rotations has been an especially challenging experience. However, I enjoyed the opportunity to expand my clinical knowledge and understanding of the nursing process. Combined with my availability to work a flexible schedule, I am confident that I would an asset to your hospital.

Thank you for your time and consideration.  I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Yolanda Simpson


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