Letter Writing

Letter Writing

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Tips for writing your own love letter

Imagine exactly how your love will feel when they see your feelings in a poem, quote, or sentiment. You can even go a little further and post it as a love dedication or in poetic form on the Internet for your love to see!! Below are a few tips to keep in mind when you're writing something...

Make it personal.

Let the words come from your heart.

Include why you love them and how they make your world brighter just by being in it.

Express your gratitude for them being in your life.

Be affectionate and loving.

Let them know your love for them will never fade and you will always be there.

If you are sending it by mail or delivering it to them physically, handwrite it.

If you are sending it electronically, make a web page with the poem on it, have it posted as a love dedication or as a poetry submission.

Whatever you write... make sure you are truthful and sincere.

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