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Life Insurance

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Life Insurance FAQs

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a system that provides compensation in case of the individuals demise. It is what its title states, it provides you with security that in the event of an unexpected death, your family and loved ones are secured financially.

How does it work?

Life insurance works like a group fund. The life insurance company groups clients into large portions and creates a fund for them with their regular payments, in the event of a member of this groups death, money is taken out of the fund to pay off the life insurance of the departed member. Insurance holders are required to make payments based on risks assessed by the company and the value of remittance is based on many factors

What are the types?

There are two main classifications of life insurance, the Permanent Life insurance, which is further broken down to three classifications: Universal Life, Whole life and variable life. The second class is the Term Life insurance.

What does Permanent life insurance and its types mean?

Permanent life insurance is insurance that runs throughout the duration of the policyholders life. Universal Life insurance adapts to the policyholders current financial status and are subject to a premium. This premium regulates the amount the policyholder has to pay for the duration of the policy notwithstanding market fluctuations. The life insurance company calculates this premium and enforces it. Whole life insurance is life insurance that has average payments spread throughout the duration of the coverage. This is determined by assessed insurance costs and risks. Variable life insurance is like a Universal life insurance, wherein the rates differ in amount depending on the market. There are two main differences though, the money of the above mentioned group is put into stocks rather than the traditional smaller-interest earning accounts. So they have no knowledge of what their insurance is worth until it pays dividends.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Permanent Life Insurance?

A permanent life insurance covers the entirety of your life, that in itself, is its biggest advantage. Also, you can borrow against your life insurance for emergency financial needs. There are downsides of course, the permanence of the insurance ties you up for life and can prove to be a hindrance for the still up and coming.

What does adjustable Term Life Insurance mean?

Term life insurance is insurance that covers only a specified portion of your life. In this time, in the event of death, the policyholder may be paid dividends. But not after. Term Life insurance plans are generally chopped up in time frames of five. 5,10,20 years.

What are the advantages/disadvantages of Term Life insurance?

Term life insurance is great for young people wanting lower payments and better, albeit temporary, deals. Term life insurance can be acquired to cover after death costs and minor debts in case of unexpected death.

What is the better of the two?

It all depends. If youre financially stable and with family, a permanent life insurance ascertains that they are covered financially after youre gone. Permanent Life Insurance plans pay higher dividends. But if youre young and still going up the ranks, opt for an insurance that you can change or close out easier once your financial environment drastically changes.

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