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Medical Exam for Life Insurance Quote

When you desire to purchase a medical insurance, there are many formalities that you are required to undergo. Among all other things, an important document that you are required to submit is the medical report. Medical examination is not necessary for those who are under the age of 40, and desire coverage of $ 100,000. As your age exceeds this limit, the amount of life insurance policy that you desire, gradually decreases, without a proper medical examination. These are, however, totally dependant on your health history, and the underwriting guidelines of the health history that you desire to choose. Most of the insurance companies, lay stress on proper medical insurance, before the issuance of any policy. The medical examination that is required for this purpose consists of a blood test, a urine specimen test, reading of the blood pressure and also many health related questions. In severe cases there is also a need for an electrocardiogram test or similar other test. The medical examination is usually performed by a nurse, a doctor or a paramedic. Examination can be carried out in your home in your office, or at the expense of the insurance company also. In order to get an accurate result of your medical health, you may be required to follow certain things, and these include non consumption of tobacco at least 3 hours before the scheduled time of your examination. Alcohol consumption is also required to be restricted at least 36 hours before the examination. Salt consumption can also be minimized at least three four days prior to the test, so that there is no adverse effect on the blood pressure reading. In case you are sick, even with a very small illness, you should cancel the examination as even a small sickness can distort your medical report. Smoking, consumption of caffeine and strenuous exercises all have the effect of distorting your medical report, hence all these should be avoided at least 5 hours before the medical examination. Examinations usually require 30 minutes, and should be planned in such a way that you are completely relaxed and your body has taken complete rest. Good nights sleep is also essential and it shall ensure that all the systems in your body are working properly, so that the report generated is accurate relating to your health. It is advisable to prepare a list of doctors that shall help you in the treatment and medical examination so that no time is wasted in looking for a doctor or a place for an examination.

In case you have a medical condition, nothing can be actually done to hide it. No efforts should also be made to hide it from the Insurance companies, as these companies have enough means to access your medical information. These companies are in contact with the Medical Insurance Bureau, through which they can access all information related to your physical health. If the insurance company is able to discover that you have withheld information or have represented your reports falsely, they will look at every thing else with much more security. In certain cases, they may refuse the death benefit also.

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