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Life Insurance Increase for the Overweight

When you decide to purchase a life insurance for yourself there are many factors that are required to be considered, that usually have an effect on the life insurance policy and the premiums that it requires to be paid. It is a well known fact that more health problems you have harder it becomes for you to buy a life inurance.There are many conditions that shall make it very difficult for you to buy a life insurance, and these diseases include high blood pressure, diabetes and also diseases related to the heart. Diabetes and obesity are the top most health problems that are faced by the people of the United States. Being overweight also causes a lot of problems, and you may face a lot of difficulties in buying a proper insurance policy. When you submit an application to the insurance company, in relation to a life insurance, the life insurance companies take into consideration your "build". Build in this case, refers to your weight in relation to your height. The employees of the life insurance companies take into consideration these factors in order to determine the coverage and value of premium that can be paid. Since more weight is considered to be directly linked with more health problems, the life insurance companies ensure that the insurance customer is someone who is expected to live long, so obese people always pose a health problem, as they are likely to develop health problems with the increase of age. In case you are moderately overweight, still your life insurance may cost you more than you can think of. Weight related problems can always dog you whether you desire a permanent life insurance or a short term life insurance.

There are many chances that your insurance policy may be rejected due to your increase in weight. There is also a high chance that you may be disqualified for a preferred rate that is much lower for the people who are not obese. It can be observed that a person, who is considered to be 20 to 30 pounds overweight, will usually get a normal rate of dividend, but may not be entitled for a preferred rate. There are many companies that specially deal with people, whose policy applications are rejected as they are overweight. Such kind of policy is referred to as a graded death benefit policy that helps you to pay various amounts depending on the fact that how long you will live. In case death occurs within the first year, the beneficiary shall get an amount of premium as well as 10% interest. There are other insurance companies that make the use of tables and categories, which help them to combine your height and weight in order to determine the kind of policy that should be issued.

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