Life Insurance

Life Insurance

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Why Life Insurance?

The insurance industry is booming, providing an essential lifeline for the unexpected events in life. Whether its car insurance, home insurance, pet insurance or even life insurance, the insurance industry is there to protect us against the unexpected, and to financially assist in covering the losses arising from these events. It may be easy to understand the concept behind various types of insurance, but one which often causes confusion as to its purpose and function is life insurance. Furthermore is life insurance a worthwhile topic for consideration, and should we be looking to insure our own lives for the benefit of our families?

Insurance, by nature, is designed to provide financial security in the event of some mishap or unexpected event that leads to unexpected losses or expense. Naturally, incidents like car accidents, house fires, vet bills ? they all lead to great financial loss which ultimately can break the bank for many families living on the edge of their means with a finely balance budget. But what about death? Aside from the funeral expenses of the deceased, insurance can also cover the loss of earnings which would otherwise contribute to the family funding. Suppose the main household earner dies prematurely. This could leave the family in need of childcare expenses whilst the surviving parent is required to work double the number of hours in order to make ends meet. Especially during such a difficult time as bereavement, financial worries can cause undue stress and suffering, and can have a drastic impact on the family situation.

That's where life insurance comes in. Paying into a life insurance policy will mean that should you die suddenly and unexpectedly, your family will have the financial means to cope with their loss, whilst being able to maintain their current financial commitments until they can plan for the future. The benefit of a life insurance policy is peace of mind; the knowledge that your loved ones will be cared for after your death is something which many find reassuring, particularly in households where there is one major breadwinner. Additionally, life insurance policies can be designed to cover the immediate expenses of death, like funeral expenses which can often run into the thousands. By providing a lump sum payment on death, a life insurance policy can ensure your friends and family aren't overly financially burdened on top of the emotional burden of losing a loved one.

Life insurance can often be a tricky area to deal with, and many people find the motivations behind it somewhat morbid. They can often find the concept hard to grasp, and beyond funeral expenses the financial loss of a loved one can be difficult to quantify. However, particularly where there are a number of financial dependents in the household, it can be a great idea to ensure adequate coverage after death, so you can know that whatever happens, your family will be able to financially cope without your earning capacity, and your household won't crumble without your financial input.

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