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Applying the Brain Computer Interface Technology to Communicate with Animals

When language, voice and ear drums are no bar, nor too technical competency or literacy, in communication, barriers to communication, indeed virtually disappear. Now thus far, that is a discussion or impending reality between humans. Thus far, the Brain Computer Interface, is about communication involving the human brain with technology. Humans are not the only one's with brains though. Apart from Micro-organisms, certain groups of marine animals and other rare creatures we do not often consider, most animals we can think of around us or that we see at the zoo, have a brain or some form of a neuro-system that allows for thought or cognition.

Where technology is in hand that can pick-up and decipher brainwaves or brain signals, to read thoughts, and those brainwaves or brain signals also probably exist in animals, though perhaps operating in different ways or at different frequencies, it is a matter of time, that the the same type of thought reading used for human interaction with technology can, and will, be adjusted to identify, decipher and read animal thought.

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