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Cambridge Neurotechnology are pleased to announce the launch of a totally new Actiwatch Score. This new model provides an intuitive twin LED display and allows up to eight subjective inputs per session. Each input has a fully programmable prompt that is displayed on the LED to remind the user of the parameter. The Actiwatch Score provides activity monitoring with simple flexible patient diary functionality within the convenience of a wrist worn device. Application areas include pain therapy and clinical trials.


The determination of sleep onset latency is of particular interest in many applications. To assist in this key area, Cambridge Neurotechnology have developed the Actiwatch Insomnia. This new model maintains all of the virtues of the existing Actiwatch with the addition of a detachable finger pressure sensor. This sensor is simply gripped by the patient as they attempt to go to sleep. As the muscle tone relaxes, the pressure is released thus providing a positive marker of sleep onset. Application areas include MSLT studies and Sleep Disorder Diagnosis.

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