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How is NT done?

The EEG neurofeedback training is simply giving feedback about what ones brainwaves are doing, and is entirely non-invasive. One or more sensors (like little microphones) are placed on the scalp, and the signals are amplified and routed through a computer-based instrument that processes the signal and provides feedback in an interesting way. This is displayed to the person by means of a visual display or video game, complete with sounds. The person is asked to "make the video game go" just by watching it. As activity in a desirable frequency band increases, the video game moves faster or displays other interesting features. As activity in a less desirable frequency band increases, the video game slows down. Gradually, the brain responds to the cues, and a "learning" of new brain wave patterns emerges. The new pattern is closer to what is observed in individuals whose brains operate efficiently. Training sessions are provided at a minimum of two forty-five minute sessions per week. After twenty to thirty sessions, there is a reassessment to check progress and see if something more is desired.

The brainwave activity can also be routed through a hand-held EEG amplifier where a variable tone and variable visual indicator activates relative to the amount of energy (microvolts) one emits at a preset frequency (7, 10, or 14 Hertz). This device provides the opportunity for one to learn how to regulation their brain activity at optimal level in real-life situations.

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