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Treating Pain - Special Neurotech Insights Issue

We all feel pain. Some 87 million Americans and over 290 million individuals worldwide suffer from some form of chronic pain. Sales of therapeutics for pain management reached over $20 billion last year, up 11%.

To learn more about the past, present and future of the pain management market then don't miss the latest issue of Neurotech Insights - the neurotechnology investment newsletter. Included in this issue:

-Next Generation Pain Treatments (in-depth analysis with latest clinical trials)
-Interview with Pain Therapeutics CEO, Remi Barbier
-Discussion of neurostimulation treatments for pain management
-Market analysis of public companies (RNVS, CEPH, MDT, DOVP, NTII, SHPGY)
-Deals, alliances and financings
-Neurotech Index performance (companies treating neurological diseases)

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