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How Can NeuroTechnology be Useful?

NeuroTechnology (EEG/AVE ), a brain exercise and training program, that appears to modulate many conditions and disorders where the brain does not regulate itself efficiently. NeuroTech tools are utilized by many high-functioning people (e.g. professional athletes and corporate executives) for "peak performance" training. When the brain operates inefficiently, a person may be inattentive, and/or impulsive. Other symptoms of an unregulated brain may be behavioral challenges, specific learning disabilities, and issues such as sleep problems, teeth grinding, and chronic pain, headaches, or migraines. The training may be useful with mood disorders such as anxiety and depression. NeuroTechnology may also be useful for more severe conditions such as uncontrolled seizures and minor traumatic brain injury, autism or dementia.

There may be many causes for the brain to operate less than optimally and likewise there are many interventions to address brain disregulation. NeuroTechnology programs specifically target and stimulate the brain thus providing a fundamental basis from which to start to regulate not only the brain but also, the mind and body. The point is not to 'treat any symptoms or disorder', but to exercise and train the brain where the brain finds a place of balance (homeostasis), thus allowing a host of disregulated symptoms to remediate.

The brain enhancing technologies could be more accurately described as 'peak performance tools' as it appears that we all have the resources for enhanced performance, we just may not have access to our assets when we need them. NeuroTech tools may permit us to have conscious control of that which was previously out of our awareness.

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