Personal Injury

Personal Injury

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Protecting your Rights in a Personal Injury Case


In the simplest sense, personal injury claims involve individuals who have sustained personal injuries and are seeking damages or compensation for the permanent disability, pain and anguish, emotional upset and other ensuing injuries from the entities at fault. The entities at fault may be another person, corporation or institution.

Either one of three factors may bring on a personal injury claim:

1. negligence
2. strict liability
3. intentional wrong

Regardless of these grounds, though, the claim for personal injury needs to meet with the three necessary elements of personal injury or tort in order to determine liability.

Minor accidents like fender benders, which results to small damages, could establish definite personal injury claims. However, these instances can occasionally be resolved or settled without the assistance of a personal injury attorney.

On the other hand, if you have been an innocent victim of an accident that caused you significant or considerable damages like severe and permanent injuries, terrible mental and emotional distress, then it would be in your best interest to retain a personal injury lawyer. The lawyer you will hire need to be experienced in the specific injury you suffered and he/she could help you with setting up your personal injury claim.

The personal injury lawyer will also be the source of useful legal information you will be needing to establish your claim. He/she can be expected to know faithfully how everything would flow and work out according to your best interest. He/she will also help so that you can win reasonable compensation.

Settlement of personal injury claims

For minor accidents that have brought you only superficial injuries and damages, it may be in your best interest to settle quickly. This can be done by going directly to the insurance company and deal with them for the assessment of your property damages.

For example, in minor car accident injuries, the automobile industry have already a fairly standardized way of assessing damages in the vehicle. Often, an automobile body shop would quote up your damages and a representative or claims adjuster of the insurance agency will already offer a fair compensation.

While this could help in avoiding dragging the case out and incurring you with further expenses, this transaction would not do if you sustained significant personal injuries. This is the time when a personal injury lawyer's services become very valuable.

Insurance companies may sometimes trick you into accepting less money than what you really deserve and what is fair according to the injuries and damages you have suffered. This is understandable because insurance companies are just like most businesses there to earn money.

In protecting your rights and aiming to receive what you truly deserve out of a personal injury case you have launched, make sure to hire a highly experienced personal injury lawyer with a proven track record.

It could also be in your best interest if the personal injury lawyers you retain have significant court experience. A personal injury court lawyer could ensure that you are compensated justly in the settlement agreements.

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